Monday, May 10, 2010

❀ Shen Ri Kuai Le ❀

today is uncle sankaran's daughter's birthday...haha...wondering who??? KOMALA lor... :P let me gif u a brief intro about my fren.. *koms...get prepared for embarassment..wakakaka*

she loves posing..a photoshoot with the wild..haha

qualified detective?? or more like a smiling criminal?? :P

loves food..and no way that chicken is gonna RIP..haha

but no worries..she can she wont steal ur food..hahaha :D

ok..ok..enuf of disturbing her since its her bday.. :P she is definitely a good fren too... :) a good listener..a fren who u can count on to do silly things in public..haha..and of coz a nice person to b around with...

modelling in mines?? haha

pampering in fish spa..GELI!


we jus finished celebrating her bday in Mdm Kwan's restaurant..its yummy :) n we had 5 different slices of cakes..sum was delicious..sum was.. "oh no!" pics yet..wil update it at nite.. :) office no bluetooth lar...okie la..gotta get back to work d..n now all of us having tummy upset..not coz the food was not clean..but bcoz we RAN....yeah..we RAN fast...i repeat...FASSSTTT!!! we were late to check in after now better pretend to do a lot of work..haha... :P

p/s: wondering y the title is in mandarin?? cause now we (me n wen yih) are her mandarin tutors..haha XD


-thanks faithful listener-

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