Thursday, January 28, 2010

★★ doubles ★★

im back in penang..haf been helping out a lot in mum's kindy..a teacher did a surgery a couple of weeks back n suddenly its causing a lot of pain..most probably sum infection i there is a shortage of since im back..i need to help!! so less time 2 blog..haha.. ~excuses~

wenever im back..of cause its good 2 go dinner with my bro..i miss him a lot!!! :) we went for dinner n movie..jus the 2 of us..hehe.. **doubles number 1** we ate in queensbay.. 'golden triangle'..they served indochina food..this means the food are mostly spicy..hmm..a challenge for me.. :P

c the typical cutleries?

menu: otak-otak, sotong kerabu, pandan chicken

thanks for the yummy dinner! :)

wishlist came true again! :)

the movie was 7/10 ★ was not very good neither very bad..we watched the 10pm movie..n i managed to stay up the whole movie..proofs its good! deserves only one clap? haha...but its funny!!! :D n on our way back..we stopped by 'GAMA' to buy sum groceries..n it was 'No Plastic Day'..argh! many rounds to the kitchen???

yesterday i spotted 2 unique incidents..let me tell u a lil bout the meaning of rainbows...its a sign of God's promise that the earth n everything living on it will never again be destroyed by a flood..n can u believe it..i saw TWO!!!! **doubles number 2**


wonder wat other doubles?? it happenned on the same day!..i was having my dinner n one of my dish is the herbal tea egg..hmm..yum yum..but to my surprise..wen im sliced the egg into half..i was shock to c that it has TWO egg yolks.. **double number 3**

twins?? hehe..

im goin back to kl soon! this coming saturday..ooh..its thaipusam day too!..jus cant wait to spend time there..hehe :) wonder will i b so lucky again to experience doubles again..or mebbe triples nex time..hahaha ;D

p/s: its all blooming beautifully ♥

-thanks faithful listener-