Sunday, January 10, 2010

super duper vacation!!!

its been sumtime since i had an 'away precious time'...i think last was in january 2009..almost a year..its really not the distance or the price of the vacation that measures how super duper a vacation can be..its all the little sweet moments that matters... :)

this time its sumwer real near..port dickson!!! only about 1 and a half hours drive..the hotel chosen was Tiara Beach Resort...

the studio room

at the 1st sight..the room was really scary..very empty look..n the toilets were sandy...hmmm..wonder wat were the room keeping service doin... :P but after awhile..i got used to it..i sprayed the toilet n got rid of all the sand..but the shower was not in a very good condition..but all in all i rate it 3/5 ★

the view front my room

since the place was build to accomodate more of the kids than adults..i decided not to swim..but taking pictures is a must! hahaha...

tiara's famous octopus

the man made beach pool or sea..haha

for dinner..i chose not to eat so i travelled to the town of port the way this hotel is about 10km from town..n God is real good..he stopped the rain jus in time for pasar malam..n poured the rest of the rain after i bought dinner...hehe..

the many stalls nite market

its jus a wonderful 'away precious time'..its short..but real sweet!!!! i did sum self pampering my nails, facial n hair mask!!! great! m definitely looking forward to the next one..dunno wen..hehe

wakakaka.. :D

p/s: happy 17! ♥

-thanks faithful listener-

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