Monday, January 18, 2010

a whole day filled with 'animals'..hehe

p/s: since this is gonna a post about my one full fun day..bare with the amount of pics ya.. :P

we wanted to haf a fun time with the bday we planned a whole day outing..hehe..1stly early in the morning..i mean EARLY..7am..we started cooking..we prepared egg sandwiches for breakfast and fried bee hun for lunch..n at we go!!!

me n the bday gurl!

the journey was kinda long..about 1 hour was really jam at ampang..huhu..10km/hr..eeee! n finally we reached.. :) hmm..sum info bout the zoo..opens at 9am-5pm..n we were rushing for the 11am animal show coz the other one was only at 3pm..n since we paid RM20..we gotta watch it!! :P

at the entrance

waiting for the show to start

clever parrot raising the malaysia flag..claps!

jump damby jump! thats a sea lion..

after the animal was time 2 exercise..hehe..walk walk n walk..but it was fun seeing so many animals.. :) oh ya..there was a BEEEEEE muzium..surely i gotta visit it..hehe

not so cute ones..hehe

sang kancil..hi!

me n mek mek..or mebbe beenie :P

close to birds..scary!

dun jus show me ur butts!!


wan a ride? hehe

sponsored by am bank..haha

beside the animals..there is sumthing new..the insect and butterfly zoo :) it was so lovely to c so many butterflies!!! the entrance fee is not included..its extra RM5..

welcome to the insect zoo!

it was hard catching this pretty butterfly


we had so much fun!!!! by the time we are was almost 1.30pm n the sun is already so hot!!! we decided to say bye to the zoo!!! we ate bee hun in the car b4 goin to the lelong@blog bazaar...


i had quite high expectations..i wanted to get a nice high heels..a nice bag! but it was either expensive or not my type..n the website stated that there will b at least 30 stalls!!! but there was less that 20 i think..mebbe only 15 maximum!!! that was crappy..we planned to stay there for almost 2-3 hours..but i cud c everything in almost 15 mins!! so we went to haf cendol!! the yummy yummy one near asia cafe.. :) den we decided to go for movie..another wish list came true!!! n can u believe it..there was a zoo scene too!! animals again..! :P

its really a nice movie..funny!!!

movie tyme!

its dinner time now!!!! bumbu we come!!!! the food was really yummy..u dun really haf to fly to bali to eat their delicacy..u can find it in puchong!! :) n can u believe..there are animals at the entrance too..animals again!! :)

hmmm..wat to eat?

yay! grilled fish with bali kerabu..

nice ambience.. :)

it was so much fun!!!! thanks so much to all those who came..yati (burfday gurl), chah, nissa, afwan n prem!!! u guys made my 'animal' day!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

-thanks faithful listener-

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