Friday, January 8, 2010

wats hot???

this church is being burnt!!!

3 masked men on motorcycles threw firebombs at 3 churches...all because of the anger of justice towards the usage of the word 'Allah'... *sigh* ...there are even news about cars with christian symbols being smashed starting from bangsar...y do we have to b persecuted?? but there is nothing we can do besides praying...

prayer items:

1) for a peaceful country
2) for no revenge to b taken out of anger
3) for strength n wisdom for the leaders of our country and the victims


besides all these heart wrenching stories...lets hear sum funny already laughing.. :D

i went out today for a short while with my dear fren..n it was drizzling..the 1st joke he created was wen he was too lazy to close the umbrella even at the shaded escalator..he used the excuse.. "dun need to close la...along the way mite haf sum roof bocor"...hahahaha...n after checking out the place..i told him to manage the umbrella..imagine he took 2 minutes to figure out how to opened it..haha..n wen it went all the other way round..wakakaka..

~story of the yellow umbrella~

oh ya..i promised my fren to blog fren, 'elder chan' was asked to go investigate on a bike..not much stories can b told..but this picture kinda tell its least 70% of it.. :P

try guessing.. :P

that's all for today... :)

p/s: i cant wait for 2moro.....excitement!!! ♥♥♥

-thanks faithful listener-

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