Wednesday, January 6, 2010

parties....... ☺

i was very caught up with fun things to do n i cud not find time 2 sit in front of my laptop n yeah..i wil summarize the parties i went to... :)

christmas party @ mark's house

it was 3 parties at one time..celebrating christmas..celebrating is eldest brother's wedding anniversary and also jessamine's bday in the end (spontaneous)...hehe

the happy family..n their cute son!

happy bday jess..

her 'ice cream' cake.. :P

the latest party i attend was in maluri was really challenging..i drove all the way there alone..without gps..without knowing wer the place was exactly..m really proud of myself being able to find my way there on time!! hehe..of coz i did start kinda early..haha :D

farrah is 21!!!

i had a lot of fun at all these parties...m definitely looking for more..but for now i need to get serious with books as it is part of my 2010 resolution..hehe :)

take care peeps n stay tune...

-thanks faithful listener-

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