Thursday, January 7, 2010

goodbye my G900... :(

on tuesday..i met one of my good fren from penang..her flight to miri was i decided to accompany her in the hotel provided to her..

thats me n nicole

but at the end of the day..sumthing sad happened..wen we were catching up in the room..i remembered using my handphone to send out sms-es..that was last wen i saw it..huhu...after an hour or so..we decided to go for sum we stopped at KFC..n wen i opened my handbag..i realised my phone was not i immediately tot i left it in the room..n oh no!!!! its not even in the room...huhu..wer cud it b????? we searched high n low for it..but no wer to b seen..huhuhuhu.. :'(

dec 2008 - jan 2010

i was really worried..its like the 1st time i totally lost all my contact numbers..thank God for facebook..but i do have people that i keep in touch that do not use my mrsm time tuition frens.. :( sad sad..n my very memorable sms-es that i use to keep for months..ITS ALL GONE!!!!...huhu

but im really thankful for 'that special some1' to have a spare phone... :) n i got back my phone number ya..u guys can contact me!!! :-* day without my phone..i really felt the inconvienience..hehe...

saviour of the day!! :)

many say: new year new phone!
i say: new year new lesson! (expensive lesson!)

-thanks faithful listener-

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