Sunday, January 3, 2010

★ hello 2010 ★

wondering how i welcomed my new year??? i went for countdown in my was thanks giving was great welcoming new year together with listening to the great things God has done in 2009.. :)

all uniten-ers and one tar-ian..hehe


the after party @ asia one cafe

on new years day..01/01/10...i had an incredible day...i slept tru a great nite after being tired..woke up around 10..n left home around 12..i had lunch at a new big foodcourt sumwer in subang..rock cafe :)

after that i went to capsquare mall..a new place..i never been there b4..but sadly..many shops were not open..i think its new year for them too..huhu..but there is a movie we wanted to catch..but its like in 3 hours i decided to walk around the area..

we were walking on the streets for about 1 and a half hours..can u imagine..from capsquare we walked to semua complex (a place with a lot of funny stories..gun n guards..hehe) --> the big kamdar --> masjid india street --> telekom muzium..till we finally got lost..n can u imagine..we actually lost our way..huhu..n the gps we had was not we had to think hard at a bus stop..haha..n wen we finally decided to get walk back using the same route..we stopped for chapati!! delicious dahl n mango lassi..yum!

i want more!!

after was time for our movie..we had subway..chicken teriyaki in the cinema.. :) b4 goin home..of coz we cant miss the christmas decorations..hehe...

me @ caps square

me @ pavilion

i had a wonderful start for the 2010!!!! ♥ i really enjoyed was a very different..simple n lovely way to celebrate new year!!! :) thanks for such a great day!!!! :-*

HAPPY 2010, peeps!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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