Monday, February 1, 2010

weekend in both states...

on saturday..i was still in penang..started my journey only after brunch..around 9am..i drove to town..hoping to c sum thaipusam celebrations..i think i las saw them wen i was in primary school!!! gosh...thats long long tyme ago...

c all the devotees...

carrying of the kavadi and spears...

after getting all my things into the car time to pick jo ann up from taiping n zooooom.....all the way to kl! :) i arrived kl around was slightly jam..but way lesser than i thought...once i arrived..i went to sunway pyramid...SALE SALE!!!! so shopping tyme..hehe :) i oso got 4 earrings!!!!! thanks ♥ ...and for dinner..i ate in wendys..yummy!!!

chicken burger meal @ RM4.99

that's all for saturday..on sunday morning..i went to church..den i had cg leaders meeting..we were provided with lunch.. :) chicken rendang was yummy! after that..since its 31st..time for baskin robins!

2 pines please....yum!

us @ alamanda

at nite..i had today was like meeting meeting meeting!!!! headache.. :( but today morning..i woke up on a sunshiney side..sweet wake up call! ♥ ...thanks dear!

okie..thats all about my weekend...this week is gonna b a week with crazy schedule!!! ahhhh! n i got a test in 7 hours..but luckily the chapters coming out has been tested in our less white hair..haha :P

i miss calista!

-thanks faithful listener-

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