Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roasters Eating Day!!!

when there is free food..never miss the opportunity!! hehee.. :P i saw this promotion at one of my frens i tot it was good 1 free 1 quarter meal at kenny rogers?? thats all time choice! so i rang my dear fren up n its on!!!!! told him 2 wear red too!!! :)

the queue to get in was real long..we chose to dine in sunway the time we was almost 8pm and can u imagine..there were almost 20 plus people lining up to get in..but im smart! hehe..i called up to reserve i got to pass tru all the long queue.. :) yahoo!!!!!

this is the 1st time i din really haf to crack my head to think wat to order..since i purposely wore 1 quarter meal please.. :)

they needed sum time 2 roast our dessert came 1st..hehe..vanilla muffins :)

buy 1 free 1..hehe

it was delicious!!! i paid RM15.90 for 2 quarter meal...such a delightful deal!!!!! kenny rogers shud haf more 'roasters eating day' :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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