Friday, January 15, 2010

cant wait..cant wait..cant wait!!!!

zoo negara

i wanna go snap snap pics with animals!! the previous time i went..i lost those sayang!!! :( hopefully wen i go its gonna b fun! hopefully my dear fren wil enjoy too!

blog bazaar

only seeing nice things on blogs?? im gonna shop online stuff in asia cafe 2moro..hmmm...gonna b fun! hopefully cheap n nice too..hehe

sky trex

up up in the air!!! hmmm..dun ever think obstacle course can only b on gonna experience sum scary things on air..can u imagine jumping on narrow plank on air?? hmm..i cant wait to go with FSCC uniten cell group.. :)

comedy! time to release stress!

best movie with my brother.. :)

another comedy must watch movie :D

best movie with my dear fren :)

i cant wait for these excitement!!! waiting is really hard..haha..but patience is good! :P
really hope wen all these activities come to will b real FUN!!!

**anyone who wans to bring me to these activities..please let me noe!**

-thanks faithful listener-

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