Tuesday, January 19, 2010

learn & dine

yesterday..uniten careers unit organized a learn and dine session for almost 170 students in cyberview resort and spa..its my 2nd time attending it..so im sort of not really that excited bout the knowledge since its also by the same speaker..Mdm Dolly Kee..but im more excited over the food..haha..thank God its way better than las year.. :P

the professionals..haha

we were taught on many things like the arrangements of the cutleries, how to eat the appetizer correctly, which direction to scoop the soup, how to pinch the bun provided, how to cut our meat, plaster our mash potato, where to put our napkins with the right messages for the waiter, how to wipe our mouth...all these sound small petty things..but u know wat? it is by all these small things that an executive can evaluate your table manners... :)

appetizer: citrus mixed GREEN salad

creem of potato & leek soup..yum yum!

main course: roasted chicken breast with thyme sauce

dessert: dark choc sponge roulade

i had to eat really properly, correctly and very very politely as i was sitting at the main table with the VVIPs..thank God i was sitting beside the joker..indiran..so i was less bored..haha

the main table :)

this dining had been real fun n interactive..i can see that the participants are having fun..n we even manage to get 3 vouchers..1 for spa..another for hi tea..n 1 junior suite for 2!!! wow!!

well done, may peng! the boss of this event..

we had 6 talks all together..n im so glad its all a success...well done teammates!!!!! :) *a pat on ur backs, guys!*

the back bone of career unit!!!

our nex mission: CAREER FAIR ~ 3rd and 4th february

-thanks faithful listener-

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