Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TECHFLOW camp!!!

this is like my fourth camp...wow! but it doesnt mean im old k..hehe :) this time around..pastor ernie is our camp speaker!!!

that's him...!

we left uni around 4pm..den we arrived cameron highlands at approximately 8.30pm..it was a long long journey..n i definitely slept during the winding roads..hehe..once we arrived there..we had our dinner..n started off with our 1st session..den games!!! the ice breaking was fun..drawing on the balloons!! :P

the place we were staying..cant recall its name..sorry!

it was really cold at nite n early in the morning..huhu..the nex day was full of sessions in the morning till after lunch..then it kicked off with a workshop session..getting to noe who needs Jesus..

my team..RAISON!

after that it was time for games...yay!!! we had treasure hunt around camerons..tiring but really fun..it was like running in cold breeze..hehe..but we stil sweat.. :P

at our 3rd clue..MARDI

stole sum time b4 the 4th destination..hehe

weee~! we are the 2nd team to arrive...

after a tiring run..it was good to haf a bathe..hehe..so we had water balloon fight!!! :) n it ended up in water pail fight..haha..it was really a chilly bath..haha... *shivering*..at nite..we had our annual camp event..the malam mesra..this time we were not given time 2 prepare..on the spot..they gave us an hour to prepare our costumes with the recycled stuff n gave us the theme 'cameron highlands pirates'...

cool??? haha

on our las day..after our 'sunday service'..we were allowed to go to brinchang..there i had a yummy strawberry jam added to roti pisang..tasty! :) den we stopped by at bobby'd strawberry farm..'Kasimanis Farm'..thanks to his family..we got very good prices!! :)

on our way to brinchang

kathy..my best games competitor..

special permission into the farm..

me n the owner..haha..

thanks bobby for the strawberry shake treat! yum yum

this camp has one way or the other taught me how to live right..taught me the clear purpose y im put in this earth..i have made goals or mebbe 'things to b achieved' list..n i pray that i will b determined.. :) im happy that for me..the theme 'jalan-jalan cari purpose' did work for me!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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