Thursday, January 14, 2010

our 'kak long' is 22!!!

that's me n yati..

14th january..thats the date..since its the 1st month of the year..i think none of us (housemates@family) can be born earlier than that.. :P thats y she is 'kak long'!!! hehehe...

it has been an annual thing to celebrate each others bday..n its fun trying to b secretive thinking of wat surprise we shud haf..n this time it was sumthing kinda simple since test is tomorrow..the classmates gathered for dinner over at nims island..

smile.. :)

her bday meal + asam jawa

after much was time for yati to cut her cake, blow her candles, make wishes n declare herself to b 22!!!

isnt the cake small?? :P

its not that we are stingy..but all of us decided to haf a small cake since all of us are gurls n cakes are fattening!!!! so we chose a disney chocolate cake..cute rite? thank God yati loved it.. :) thats all that matters!

we cant miss the family potrait..hehe

thanks to the organizers!! of coz yati is not one of them!! :P

a musical box jus for u...


many more fun n surprises to come!!! ♥

-thanks faithful listener-

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