Tuesday, January 26, 2010

programs after programs!!!

sorry for not updating my blog...its been busy busy busy!!! on wednesday..i was handling a free drink sampling day in uni..so it was from 11 to about 3..they were giving out 'C2' drinks..im so thankful for the super nice coordinator, mr adrian..he sponsored 10 boxes to b kept for career fair..phew!!! :)

3 flavours..forest fruits, apple n lemon

even the promoters were in 'flavours'..haha

that event happened on wednesday..n i had dsp test 1 on thursday!! thank God it was a not so hard paper..n the lecturer was jus sitting in front..so we cud look left n right a lil..haha.. :P that evening..i went to uniten's very own pc fair..there was not much things actually..n i dun find the things real cheap..so i only got this one thing.. :)

wonder what it does??

it sticks up dirt at teeny weeny places.. :)

i shud haf blogged friday morning..but i was busy packing n getting ready for my camp in cameron highlands...wen i came back to kl..i was really tired..so no fingers on the key board please..hehe..n noe im back in penang after a 5 hours drive... :) gonna blog more i think..hehehehe... ♥ take care!

-thanks faithful listener-

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