Friday, April 2, 2010

desa water park

this is gonna b a picturesque post...if im gonna write n also show u my favorite pics..its gonna b really very very long....hehe.. :P

the 5 of us..the main entrance

we had complimentary tickets

single tube rental done!!
lockers rental done too!!

this balancing act was not easy!!! we all fell..hehe

splashhhh!!! weee~!

this was only for kids...but we seem to b eligible.. :P

funny! :D

sweet...awwww :)

wave was awesome rocking with the waves..

the waves pushed up from the deep end to the sand..hehe

there were crocodiles too...ahhh! :P

by this was drizzling..huhu


this is nice.... :P

there were 2 semi long slides..n 1 very very long one..but the long long one is only available on we missed it..huhu...anyway..these are the details u mite wanna noe..

entrance fee: RM20 (adult) RM14 (children)
single tube rental: RM 5 deposit + RM5 rental
double tube rental: RM5 deposit + RM7 rental
locker rental: RM2 (open once)
opening hours: 12-5 (weekdays) 10-5 (weekends)
closed on wednesdays

if u ever visit there.....have fun!!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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