Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dead robber tells no tales

Policemen going through the dead robber's pockets.

An armed robber shot dead his accomplice who was wounded in a jewellery heist in OUG Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, to silence him. During the 2.45pm incident Monday, two armed robbers dashed into a Poh Kong jewellery outlet on the ground floor of the shopping complex and confronted the security guard seated in front of the shop.

The robbers grabbed the guard’s pump gun and ordered the four workers to scoop several trays of jewellery into a plastic bag. The robbers did not see another armed guard seated behind a one-way mirror inside the shop, who witnessed the robbery in progress and had taken aim at them. As the robbers ran off, the guard fired a shot that hit one of the robbers in his abdomen, who fell a short distance from the shop. His accomplice turned back, and to the horror of the shoppers who were already stunned by the daring heist, aimed his gun at his injured partner and fired two shots before fleeing.

Kuala Lumpur Chief Police Officer Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Mohd Sabtu Osman said the ruthless robber was armed with a .38 special. “Initial investigations revealed the dead robber was a 34-year-old man with two previous records for armed robbery and drug abuse,” he said.

this definitely freaks me out since im working sumwer near mid valley...wat if sumthing like that happen in front of my own eyes??!! ahhhh....... :( anyway...be careful la...people can b really dangerous n cruel..he killed his own partner in crime jus to make sure his secret is kept...
take care while shopping!!! :)
-thanks faithful listener-

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