Monday, April 5, 2010

industrial training: day 1

my working time is from 10am to 7pm...since its my 1st day..i was kinda i woke up around ready n left home at 8.30am...i planned to get to mid valley by ktm (wanna save $$)..and thank God the ktm arrived at 8.45.. :) so i was early!!! im already at the lobby of my office (gardens south office tower) by 9.25am..

3 of my frens n i have got the same this means i wont b alone...yay~! :)

this is gonna b our workplace for 3 months

our supervisor gave us a briefing on wat we will b working sounded very very interesting...our company actually programs those call services which u hear...

example: welcome to valerie's blog..for fun link..please press 1..for emo link..please press 2...

seems familiar?? thats wat my company does...we design a system for customers to use..even uniten has it... :P

our product

after listening to the really excited to use this service..we were given a demo account to try out...we cud sms, email, check incoming calls and even fax online...its like our customers dun need an office..jus work online from home..hehe...we were given a whole day to try out the service n get to know the various special functions....

we worked in pairs!!! lucky..hehe

after lunch (12.30-1.30)...we were left alone..our supervisors had to attend a meeting..n i was given the office key to lock up..wat a responsibility... :) there were not many workers there as our main branch is in cyberjaya..this branch is very very new...

my colleugues for 3 months...hehe goin off to bed soon...s 2moro will b a long day again...i jus hate waiting for ktm!!! :(

good luck to the rest having intership ya!!! take care....

-thanks faithful listener-

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