Saturday, April 10, 2010

21st century cafe

finally friday evening has excited cause im done with work for the week!!! :) my 1st week of work was not tiring..but jus felt happy that i dun have to work the nex day..hehe..

after work..i went for my cell group meeting..many of the uniten-ers are back in their home we only had 2 we did a combine cg with the ukm frens.. :) we discussed mainly about joseph from the book of was a great discussion! weee~!

after was time for was a special dinner..hehe...i was brought to "look out point"..but not the ampang one..its sum wer new for me!! yay~! i love goin to new places...hehe...thanks so muchie!!!!

this is a restaurant in mewah club in kanjang
21st century cafe

c the nice view...bliss!

the food is 8/10 ★...its delicious n the price is affordable... **thumbs up**

egg salad - RM4.80

thai fish - RM15.80
the sauce is really yummy!!!

grilled fish fillet - RM15.80
it comes with a special sauce too!.. :)

wat an awesome start for my weekend...thanks so muchie!!!! ♥

-thanks faithful listener-

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