Monday, April 12, 2010

i love my weekends! ♥

as i have said in my previous post.. my weekend started great with a nice dinner at kajang look out point.. :)

so on saturday..after teaching tuition..i had FSCC praise n worship practice...all my things to do ended at 3pm...yay~! so it was time for relaxing n enjoying my weekends!! ever since i started my training which was jus a week ago..i tend to look forward to my weekends even more!!! :) stay tune to find out on wat im doin in my industrial training process..mebbe in my nex post..hehe..

in the evening..i went to sunway pyramid...enjoyed the evening by starting with a yummy meal at has became one of our favourite fast food stops..hehe..we had beef cheeseburgers + chilli beef stew + fries + pepsi..n now their latest promo is nuggets for RM0.99 with every combo meal.. :)

after our was time to catch a movie..its been sumtime since we went to the cinema..hehe..

my choice..hehe :)

this is such a hilarious + touching movie...jus nice for us.. ♥ those who havent watched it...make sure u do!!! hehehe....

nex day (sunday)..i went to church early for pnw preparation...after service there were meetings n briefing to attend...

1) briefing for my kuching alpha trip
2) a PnC meeting..private & confidential NOT publish & communicate..haha :P

today joshua n lydia visited our was such a surprise..haha..n altho it was jus for awhile..i enjoyed the short n sweet catch up moment i had with lydia.. :) it was like we've been only keeping in touch by reading each others' blogs..hehe..nice talking with u lydia!! :D

after all our tummy was asking for we went to legends curry house..

hmmm..nyum nyum!

by the time we were was alwiz we went had bihun soup for dinner...den we went to giant shopping for the week!

hmmm..i think i need to sleep oredi..gotta work again 2moro.. =/

-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. hey, it was fantastic catching up with you too! continue to serve God! and happy industrial training days :)