Monday, April 19, 2010

a suffocating break

i dunno wat to say or wat to jus times we feel that taking a break can give us space to breathe..but it usually turns out the other way round..its a confusing mess!!!

at certain time of the day..i do feel that this short break mite help..but at certain time of the day..i feel dat im killing myself with this decision..but i dun wanna make anymore decisions..i cant tell which is gonna make me feel i think silence n time mite heal...

its hurtful cause im too used to the closeness we share..this break has choked me!! i dunno what gain m i waiting for from this pain...i noe we feel the pain..but it needs sum1 to b the "doctor"..n i dunno who wil it b?? :( **please save ur patient before death comes in the way**
i pray things will turn out alrite...things wil turn out the best for us..things wil go according to His will...

-thanks faithful listener-

signing off,
heart broken bee :'(


  1. He gives and takes away and continue giving and loving you =)

  2. thanks for the encouragement..He gives and takes away..n i noe He does that to bring the best out of me :) thanks so much for reminding!