Thursday, April 22, 2010

:: earth day ::

it's earth day today!!!! n i din even realize that til 1pm today...oh dear! sorry mother earth :( wondering how i got to know? i was goin for my lunch..n i walked pass a booth selling really cute stuff made from recyclable things..

this is the 'love your earth' ribbon

me doin body art..haha

there were 2 people standing like mannequins..haha..they were there for us to draw on of coz i took my chance!!! weee...i drew a green ribbon..thats the only thing we can draw! haha..

postcards wer the green ribbon is spotted

save the trees..we got our postcards too :)

im really thinking hard since the slogan was "ur 1% effort can make a difference" can i contribute??? i think i shud use a tumbler instead of a plastic bottle...rite??? :) so now i haf an excuse to buy a new bottle..haha...

nice bottles rite?? so tempted to buy.. :P

hmmm...remember to put in ur 1% effort k..lets make mother earth happy... :)


p/s: i had 'nanah' in my eyes for 2 days..n today the swell is finally reducing...yay~!

-thanks faithful listener-

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