Friday, April 9, 2010

Life as an intern : Week 1

So far, my 1st week in my office has been good. Lots of new things to research on and I need to put them into practice. This week was about Wave Pad Editor, Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-text. It definitely sounds very new to be in the beginning but I'm no longer that confused. :)

Wave Pad Editor

This editor is used to edit audio files. It can make a high pitch voice low pitch, a clear voice filled with echo, a soft voice amplified and vice versa. It can also help put a pause in between the audio file. It was definitely fun trying out all the editing tools. Below is a picture of how the editor looks like at work.

Once I was done learning about the editor, I had another task in line...

Virtual PBX

This a is telephony system that provides sophisticated features. In other words its like a virtual receptionist. I was asked to create a system that was able to have the sophisticated features linked to my handphone. The features were such as:-

"Thank you for calling Dare BPO. Please press 1 for english, press 2 for bahasa melayu. For Valerie please press 1, for Ali please press 2, please press # to repeat"

In order to create that virtual PBX, I learnt more about Text-to-Speech(TTS) and Speech-to-Text(STT). TTS is a converter of text to audio while STT is a converter of audio to text. To enable the sophisticated features to work, I uploaded my wave files from TTS converters to my company's interface. Taa-daa! My handphone now has a "virtual receptionist". To call me and listen to my "receptionist" dial 60322975200 (but this account will be terminated on 5/5/2010)


I was given a demo account for my company's product. I had to try all the services provided - fax, sms, call, email and online reminder. The next day I was asked to create a user manual for my company. This really made me sure that I definitely know what services my company is providing to our customers.

so thats how my week 1 went....

-thanks faithful listener-

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