Sunday, September 27, 2009

las weekend of september...

hmm..let me recall wat i did on friday...

i din really do much in the morning..besides studying sum micro p..i got test this thurs!!!! =(..suddenly i miss those moments studying in the library with my buddy..haihz..but at nite..i did sumthing useful..haha..i cleaned up the was uniten cg's turn..but only bobby, prem n i cud make it..we cleaned up the place from 8 to about rite? haha...prem washed the toilets n helped arranged the chairs..bobby was doing all the vacuuming..n i was sweeping, mopping n wiping the chairs..



nice rite? look like those home makeover programmes..haha... =) after that, we went for dinner at a shop in serdang..the kambing is really yummy..but the smell of the drain nearby is yucky..

on saturday...i went for 'RUN FOR THE NATION' was at PJEFC..a church..haha..its gonna b a 5km run..10 of october..its gonna b a real meaningful one..all 14 states are gonna b participating at the same time, same date!!! all of us will b running n praying for our nation n country Malaysia...

my team:
1) prem - leader
2) william - team manager (not running..but driving us)
3) wen li
4) wen lin
5) jia yin
6) ME

to think bout scared..i mus really practice if not..i mite not b able to finish the race..n we are given bout 40 mins to finish 5km..

the 3 representative for team 7, area group 6

after that i went for dinner at a shop in kajang..mommommia cafe..its famous for it western food..delicious..any menu is yummy.. =) i tried grilled tar tar fish..n i oso tried the chicken and ham chop..yummy too!!! =D..the price is reasonable fish was RM9.50..

wan sum? hehe thing for sure is goin to they celebrated the september babies bday..*smiles*..blowing candles again..hehe..1 more wish can b made!!! yay!.. =)

fscc's september babies

after church..we had lunch in leong ya..this time no chi pao kai..bored of it d..haha..den i went to mines..wanted to buy ink refill n oso semilog paper for my controls system class..but the ink is so expensive..bought the diy refill..sumthing new..i stil dun really noe how to inject the ink..gonna ask for help later!..n i cant find my semilog paper..worse come to worse i gotta photocopy it..better den none!

2moro my battle begins..gonna start finishing all my assignments..n getting ready for exams..wish me luck ya..hopefully i wil b hardworking, disciplined n not procrastinating..

for those like me..


-thanks faithful listener-

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