Friday, September 4, 2009

03/09/09..a bitter sweet day...

today is a sad..NO! happy..NO! its a special date for me to celebrate..but its also a date that indicates that my dear fren, gary has left me physically for a month.. =( gary, wondering how are u above..wondering did u read my card dat i made for u? i wanted a 'butterfly'..remember? its another 8 days..remember ya..missing u so much n i really wanted u here on my special day..i keep thinkin how nice wud it b..if u can b my mc like how we planned.. ='( remembered how u were telling me the flow of my bday party shud b..ur great words of encouragement to me during the 2 hours of IET talk is so clear in my mind..i miss chit chatting with u this way! i miss u disturbing me b4 saying goodbye..i jus miss u so much!

"nah..flower for u on ur 19th bday!"

u are indeed a great fren..n u wil alwiz b..take good care above ya..b good k..dun gif Jesus headache..hehe.. =P say hi to my Lord in heaven k..miss u gary!!!


after my last class for the day, micro p..we decided to go to one utama..since im free..y not?? hehe..wen yih, anita, mithila, aisyah n myself went there in wenyih's car..the journey was not really took us around 1 hour!!!

after walking around..we went to pizza hut to berbuka puase!!! yum yum..its been quite sum time since i ate pizza....we had the set for 2 and share between 4 of us..mithila did not share coz she was vegetarian today..we had hawaiian chicken..all time favorite! =)

after so long to get this nice fon timer was giving problem..huhu

after dinner we decided for a movie.."imagine that"..again!!!! after eating was already 9.10..muvee at 9.20!!! rushing time...but no one wans to buy any tit jus rushing for the toilet..hehe.. =P

but stil sempat posing in the toilet..hehe

oh ya..there is a picture that i shud say "BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY!"

randomly arranged..cute!

as i was flipping tru my wallet to pay the pizza..i saw my sushi king priority card..makes me feel like eating sushi this weekend.. *hint hint*..hehe... =P the card gives me 10% off..

i love sitting nex to the sushi counter so can reach for watever i c!!!

this is my favorite! seasoned octopus..

its almost 1.30am now..time to sleep!!!! 2moro i got power systems class at 9am...okie okie..need to sleep soon...nitez peeps!

-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. ya, it's already one month...

    still cnt really accept the fact. it feels really weird...

    everyone misses gary dearly...