Wednesday, September 2, 2009

things i haf been up to...


what did i do..haf to recall la..thanks to the absence of internet connection in uniten..haihz..

i came back from penang..i took flight..MAS..5.25pm from penang and arrived at 6.10pm in KLIA...once i arrived home..i went to IKEA..wanted to buy sum craft stuff to design my very own bday guest book =) excited! (wonder are my frens excited too?) with the jam n everything..we only arrived IKEA around 8pm..dinner!!! hungry..hehe..

we were deciding from 'mcd' to 'italiannies' to 'TGIF' to 'the apartment' 1st we wanted to haf meatballs..the famous ones..but its no longer served after 5pm for the whole puase month..instead they wil haf ramadhan buffet..but no meatballs finally we chose 'the apartment'....

that's me..hungry!! hehe

what to eat???

baked fish!!! yummy...RM 23.90++

after energy time to shop!!!..i bought a number of craft stationeries..very satisfying..hehe..i spent RM50!!! wow!..after that..we continued walking til about 10pm..den went home..n called it a day!!!

largest royal selangor front of cineleisure..

s usual..the outings are fun..but tiring..hehe


whats for bukak puase today?? hmmm...spaghetti!!!!! yay!!! after class around 5.30pm..we went to alamanda..bought all the stuff we did..n cooking tyme!!

tuan tuan dan puan puan..hehe..

frying the garlic and onions

all the ingredients we needed..

1) onions
2) garlic
3) meat (we used beef..chicken also can!)
4) sausages
5) button mushrooms
6) tomatoes
7) tomato basil or puree
8) spaghetti of coz!! (angel hair..easier n faster to cook!)

looks yummy rite??

spaghetti n air cincau!! best match!

its been quite sum time since we cook..but home cooked food are stil the best!!! thumbs up!!!


today..i was very uncomfy..was feeling dizzy around 2pm++..i dunno y..i felt like uneasy especially in techcomm class..huhu..(but i feel better now)

yati wanted to belanje us for bukak pose!! yay!! *happy*..she suggested johnny's steamboat..yum yum..she received a good news worth celebrating!!! glad she celebrated with us!! haha..

choosing..chah doesnt like wat i wanted..huhu.. =P *drama*

we ordered meal 4..RM59.90++

we quickly cooked all the by bukak pose time..the food wil b ready to b eaten..all meat n hard to cook into the soup!!! nex in line of coz are those easy to cook..hehe

we even tapau goreng cempedak..dessert!

once it was time to eat!!! SELAMAT BERBUKA!!!

hot boiling!!!

thanks yati!!! ♥

after dinner..i had meeting with the new 09/10 career unit committee..i m the new sponsorship manager..i hope for co-operation from all members and head..may we learn together as i lead =) i think thats all i have to say for the 3 days i miss on blogging...

those having test n quiz..good luck ya!!!! all the best....

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. nak steamboat jugak!!!!!
    nak spaghetti jugak!!!!!
    nak baked fish jugak!!!!!