Sunday, September 20, 2009

✿ brother and sister time ✿

this time wen im back..its the best!! i was able to spend time with my ever busy brother..usually wen im home..he is busy with his events..but not tis time..yay~!!!!

on saturday..i went with with my koko to queensbay to check one of his events..a soft launch of a new sports shop..he wanted to get me a jersey..but no baby t.. =( nex time la k..hehe..can record in the buku hutang..haha..den we went for dinner at dragon-i..yummy!

my busy brother..24/7 on the fon..

after that..he suggested that we go to the fun fair near queensbay...weee~! its been sum time since we went on a ride together..we bought sum tokens..expensive la..rm2 a token..n every ride needs 3 tokens for adults..n 2 for kids..

fun in the ghost hse with koko..

koko is a scardy cat..hehe..he asked me to lead the way..oh my! im afraid too..u noe wat embarassing thing koko did?? he asked the person taking care of the entrance for a torch lite..haha..n we shine our way tru..i din noe my koko was worse than me..hahaha =P

after the ghost hse..we chose to go for a ferris wheel ride..its was fun talking up there..catching up on funny things in our lives..

koko n i n the ferris wheel gondola..

koko n i up in the air..

we had a few more tokens..but we din wanna go for any crazy ride coz we jus had dinner..later puke..bluek!!!! instead we went to play bingo..n luck was on our side..yay!!! i strike b-i-n-g-o!!! n got a cute water dispenser...

cute rite? =)

today (sunday)..koko n i had dinner..we were suppose to go to batu feringgi pasar malam together..but koko was busy..his fren fetched him from the makan place..must b sum emergency at sum i went there alone..scared..but at least koko knows im there..i had to repair a watch n find for a longer necklace for a nice pendant.. =)..n yay! all done!!!

look at koko's cheeky face! aiyo..

so happy to spend time with him..the best koko ever!!! he pampers me..loves me..n spoils me..hehe... =P


-thanks faithful listener-

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