Monday, September 14, 2009

my special 21st birthday party!!!

jus like the title says..its gonna b all about my special birthday lots to tell u peeps n lots of pictures to show u guys as bare with me ya..

about 2 months back..i was searching high n low for a hotel to celebrate my bday..thank God for my buddy that helped me..n after much searching for the best deal..we ended up in Palace of The Golden Horses..

a poolside party! weee~!

once all the confirmation was done n agreed upon..i started to prepare the small small details..

my handmade invitation bookmarks

my guestbook..handmade too =)

with much took me almost a month to get everything completely well organized..n u know wat?? its my pleasure to b given a chance jus to get myself ready for the day n my buddy wil c to everythin.. =) so on the real jus suppose to relax.. ♥

pedicure n manicure in the morning

hairdo in the late afternoon

make up in the evening

after all ready!!!! =) so my buddy came to pick me to the excited!!!!! by then..all the setting up was done..i jus arrived like a princess. =)

my favourite selection! yummy!

s frens followed the msian instead of 7pm..many arrived close to 8pm..while they were eating..i was goin from table to table taking pics with them..i dun wanna miss out any of my frens!! =)

table lucky number 1

table lucky number 2

table lucky number 3

table lucky number 4

table lucky number 5

im so happy that all my frens turned up..even pastor!!! yay! around 9.30pm..makan time was over..meaning its time for cake cutting!!! weeks buddy told me that it was hard finding an extraordinary cake since all the bakeries were selling almost the same normal cake buddy even told me not to have too high expectations on the cake..haha..
but i tell u..wen i was up on stage..i was so happy!!!!!!!! i saw the most beautiful cake..its pink! (my fav colour)..its was cute!! i wud call the design a gurly princess cake design..hehe

make a wish, blow the candles den cut the cake!!!

after seeing such an awesome buddy played a video for was really super touched by what was done n prepared for me..the video brought tears!!! after the 2 MCs (shwe n aaron) told me to gif a speech..this was unprepared!!! huhu.. talking bout the blessings i had tru out my 21 years..brought tears!! im so BLESSED!!! ♫

thanks so much frens for making the effort to come! =)

i din manage to open the presents on that nite itself..i was really tired..coz after the party we went to alamanda for muvee 'the ugly truth' by the time im home..its almost 3am..n i need to ceep so that in church the nex morning i dun yawn non stop..hehe

i opened all these presents at the late afternoon of sunday.. =) n im so glad that all the presents i received..i love them was as tho it was specially chosen for me.. ♥

me n my presents..

i really had so much fun..its really a special 21st party!!! thanks to all my dearest frens.. =) -xoxo-

♥ im finally 21 ♥

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. aww so nice =) have a fantastic year ahead!

  2. =) glad you had a blast! blessed bday dearie!

  3. thanks lydia, maryann n muss!!! =)
    its was jus a simple invites peata..

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