Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my lovely 09/09/09

im sure many of u had plans for this special date..i had mine too..hehe...but it starts from 6pm..haha..shud haf started since 9pm rite? or 9am..but too early n too late..hehe..

after micro p class..chah n i went to putrajaya bazaar..hmm..wat so special?? we planned to buy 9 kinds of food..hehe..

shopping tyme!

1) keow teow goreng
2) air asam boi
3) otak-otak popiah
4) roti john
5) lamb chop
6) chicken chop
7) rangka ayam
8) kulit ayam goreng (chah's favorite)
9) tau foo fah

all the food for 3 of us..burps!!! excuse me! hehe

wondering wer is the asam boi? we replaced with coconut water bought by nissa..aisyah spilt the asam boi..huhu...the plastic bag tore..really wanted that spilt..wanted a different rangka ayam..finish!! huhu..but we asked the aunty to reserve for us 2moro..hehe..yum yum!!! the flour the aunty used very crispy n yummy!!! =P

kecian..bye asam boi..

after eating..i din realise i was late for techflow..almost 8.20pm rush rush!!! its bible quiz today!! gud job tim! it was fun..1st we had to search for clues..den figure out the answer to the clues n fill up the crossword..i was late..but since i was wearing orange..i was automatically in the orange team..n we won!! thanks to patrick..sort of walkin bible..hehe..the books covers was 1st and 2nd kings..

the clues they found..i only help with the crossword..hehe


after techflow..i went to pick nissa n chah from their econs class..den off we go to jusco balakong!!! weeee~!..time for a muvee..hehe...we decided on the muvee 'the orphan'..its a great muvee..i rate it 4/5..the story line is really nice..its a thriller kind of muvee..really thumbs up to the producer!!! it was very exciting n as eyes were 60% covered most of the time..but i still can c a bit tru my i din really miss any parts!!! yay!


smiles of satisfaction!! =)

♥ most importantly is i did a playlist ♥

HAPPY 090909 PEEPS!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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