Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'over the sea'

this is almost 2 weeks late..sorry readers!! as some of u mite know..i went for a 'over the seas' vacation...guessing where i went?? its kota kinabalu!! =) this time i need to really thank fly fm!! i wont their fabulous flyday with airasia!!

fly away to kota kinabalu..weee~!

the first on my itinerary was a city tour...i went to see many places that i haf heard of about this city...


menara yayasan sabah
looks like a rocket huh? =P

their 'floating' mosque

signal hill
this is where i can observe the whole KK..
i even spotted a really small round about..hahahah =D

atkinson clock tower
a very historical one..but i cant remember wat was it..

after the 4 hours city tour..its time to have lunch..and we chose to walk around the town and at the end of the road along my hotel, shangri-la...there was an italian restaurant..yummy!!

Little Italy restaurant
bill was RM90!! *boom*

luckily dinner was free!! hahaha...
included in my prize..phew!!!
it was bukak puasa dinner...yums!!!

day 1 in this city was really fun and i cant wait to find time and blog about day 2.. =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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