Thursday, September 22, 2011

mount kinabalu

its the 3rd day in sabah..and i did some adventures activities..hehe... =) from kundasang we went to kinabalu park..not sure what part of sabah is that..hehe..mebbe ranau =P from the hotel i stayed last nite..Perkasa Hotel Resort & was really beautiful and the view was awesome!

this is the view from my room!!!
thats mount the two horns?

there is a spot at the hotel to snap this great view!
we woke up early to ensure we could see the peak..
if its too late it will b covered by mist! =(

after we went to kinabalu park..what i was really looking forward was the hot spring..but wen we arrived..our guide was telling us about this really long and high up hanging bridge..i was imagining a simple one in my we agreed to his plan..GOSH! it was a long hike up to the bridge..panting! sweating! oh dear! if i knew..i wont wanna climb.. =/

the tired me..

after about 40 mins of hiking..walking and finally back to the starting point..phew! time to soak in the hot spring!! its very hygienic here..each group have ur own tub..after ur done..change the water! =)

the happy me!!

our tub..thats hot water!!!
nice and relaxing!! but a lil too open! SHY! =P

after soaking and relaxing in the hot tub..of coz its time for a better relaxation which is to......SLEEP!! hahaha..i took a 2 hours nap and woke up jus in time for dinner..hehehhe...

our hotel, Imperial Hotel was rite next to the waterfront

see the nice view?? cant wait for my island trip!

not many shops open cause its 1st day of raya at that we decided to take the free shutle to One Borneo Mall...nice!! =)

we ate ikan bakar..yummy!! =D

we also bought some food for our picnic excited!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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