Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my bestie is back!!!!!!!


my bestie of  13 years is back in malaysia!!!!

this means its time to meet up, chit chat and enjoy the frenship....

after spending 2 nights in my kl was time to go back to penang together..since her trip to kl was last minute..i already bought bus tickets back to penang to visit no matter wat..still go back lor..hehe...after work on friday..we left together back to penang... =) i had a great time with her in kl..having dinners together and catching up at night after work in my room! it was fun!! so im definitely looking forward to goin back to penang..our lovely island together..

the next day we met up..she came to pick me..she is no longer that good in her direction sense..haha =P i remember those days wen i dun need to tell her where to turn at all..haha..we decided to go to straits quay..kinda new mall i think..hehe...

activity #1: batik painting

my partner in crime
she definitely is the best person to try out new things..

we laughed at each other's painting..haha
but it turned out pretty!!!!

look at all the private cruise..
wen can i own one?? haha

activity #2: charlie brown's cafe for tea

welcome!!! please wait to be seated..haha

thats our batik..nice rite??
looks like painted by professionals..hehe

hello snoopy!

love this picture
angelyn: stop running away!!
snoopy: ahhhhhh!!

it was a great afternoon...i headed back to kl 2moro..not knowing wen we will meet again =( surely gonna miss her a lot!!! altho she is far away..she is always there to lend a listening ear...thanks ge! im sooo blessed to have such a great bestie!!! =) muahhhhh!

-thanks faithful listener-

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