Wednesday, September 7, 2011

happy birthday to my girlfriends.. =)

another year older!!!

i din manage to celebrate with nissa..but im sure her boyfriend did..hehe.. =P but i celebrated with my bestie, angelyn!!! both these gurls are my darlings!!!! they always stuck by me no matter how terrible i am! thanks birthday gurls!! =)


haha...shooting the birthday girl doesnt seem that rite =P

happy birthday nissa!!!
i miss celebrating birthdays together...
miss u!!!!

haha..not used to calling her angelyn..i prefer gelyn! =)

i think this is our very 1st trip...
genting back in 2005!!
6 years ago!!!

our girlie moments..hehe

our laughter!! contagious..haha =D

i am soooo grateful that gelyn managed to come down to kl on her birthday!! altho it was a last minute plan like really happy cause the last time i celebrated her birthday was back in 2009!! so im very excited wen she was coming down to stay in my place!! =) YAY!!! picked her up and went to look out point...yummy lamb! =)

the birthday girl!!
i miss u lots!!! hugs!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my two dear girlfriends!

-thanks faithful listener-

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