Friday, September 2, 2011

world vision

my dear fren wen lin invited me to a mini session on awareness on world vision's objectives...before this session all i knew was they helped people in rural areas who are really poor n malnutrition...

we started off with a 'get to know' session
we were supposed to ask 5 odd questions to different people
i was the winner!! i got to know 9 frens..YAY!

we den played station games
here..we were put in difficult situations like
1) a pregnant mother with a kid and virus in the air
(the child died even before schooling)
2) a child with virus and only surviving on potatoes
(the child died before age 4)

this is another role play of station games with another 'family'

we were briefed by wen lin the co-ordinator on what the kids are suffering in the world now
i felt bad for not knowing it earlier...

we den had to do a small presentation on different topics
my team was about how the government can help these kids =)
wish i can share my team's points with our gov!!

the awesome people who are now aware!! hehe

hello kids...we will keep u guys in prayer!! =)

i wanna keep a ringgit a day for these kids!
lets do it together!!!
365 times many of u makes a lot a year!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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