Wednesday, September 28, 2011

goodbye sabah =(

last day in sabah...oh no!! it was definitely hard to leave such a great vacation and know that when im back in kuala lumpur..the reality of all the work load is gonna sink in..oh no!!!!

for the last day..we din go around much..we went to places around our hotel only...waterfront was our 1st the sea breeze..thank God it was high there was not smelly muddy smell.. =)

spotted this huge prawn!! hehehe...
or is it a lobster?? hehe...

after that..we went to the famous wet market..along the main road to jesselton..bought ikan bilis (anchovies) there...its really cheap..big big ones..1kg for only RM15!!! =) since we stil had time b4 our flight..we went to Center Point Mall...its something like subang jaya's summit mall..hahaha...kinda dead..hehe..

tea time..hehe..
YOYO!!! famous in KK! =)

its here i got to try my tuaran mee...yums!! i oso ate ngu chiap..hehe =) 2 types for 1 lunch..gosh!! sooo greedy!! hehe...

heard of this?
i honestly never..i only heard of GSC, TGV and MBO! haha...
we watched two movies!!

finally its time to go to the airport...and oh no! our flights were delayed!! urgh! hate it...but its alright cause i stil love airasia for cheap flights..hehehehe....thanks Sabah for the great 5 days!

-thanks faithful listener-

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