Thursday, September 15, 2011

after 5 years!!!

nowadays with work piling up and new workload..i dun really find much time to just sit in front of my lappy and blog..huhu!!! im not happy about that..but i promise to blog wenever i can.. =) hopefully someone out there is reading..haha...

during puasa month...oops..this jus proofs how much back dated this post is..sorry! ok back to the story..i joined my two good frens for has been 5 years since i met these two guys..idzwan and fikri!! =)

idzwan..studying in newcastle
soon to b doctor =)

fikri..studying in kl..but we seldom meet! gosh!
he is a doctor to be as well..
my medical fees in the future is well taken care of..haha =P

the only engineer among the doctors..haha

i was not so shock to see idzwan as i saw him back in 2009 for my 21st bday..but wen i saw fikri..gosh!! i was definitely shocked! he is very prosperous n healthy compared to back then..haha.. =P but im so glad that there were no awkward silent moments which means our frenship has not taken a break!! yay!!! =)

idzwan is now back in looking forward to meeting him n fikri again the next time which i dont know wen yet..but im sure wen he comes back..its a must to meet up!! =) all the best in ur studies both of u!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

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