Thursday, September 29, 2011

all the best in your future undertakings!

last week..two of my colleagues chose to work in another company..both have helped me a lot tru out the 4 months im in the company..they have made me very comfortable with the company's technical system and of coz the technical and engineering side of my job scope! =) they were very patient explaining each and every detail which was very confusing to me..and thanks to them i got confirmed..hehe..and now they are leaving? OH NO! but i wish them all the best!!! i know they will excel wherever they choose to be =)

this is mieling..he is a german!
i think his flight back to germany is today!!
haf a safe trip and a wonderful new beginning!! =)

we'll miss u!!!!

this is gary..
the so called sexy wan in the office..haha
the medal speaks for itself?? =P

he is from my senior..
thanks for all the guidance and advice!
good luck in ur new job!

people come and people jus thanking the Lord for He made our paths cross =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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