Thursday, September 22, 2011

close to nature at kundasang

on the 2nd day of my trip in kota kinabalu..i travelled for 5 hours from kota kinabalu town to kundasang..its time to get closer to the trees, flowers and breathe the fresh air..hahha =P i dun do that often in kl..haha..if i breathe deeply the air..i mite b totally poluted..hahaha =D

this is the hotel i stayed for my 1st nite...

after about 2 to 3 hours of journey..we stopped by at a market..bought some key chains there as well as nite beach 'sarong' for my island trip..hehe..

dong!!! hahaha..they had these at a market =P

do i look like a fisherman? or a farmer? hehe

i bought fruits too..refreshing! the journey continues...after a nap..we finally arrived at kinabalu park..time to say hello to God's wonderful creations =)

a monkey welcomed me..hahhaha!

time for flowers!!!
sadly the botanical garden stated that its not the blooming season =(

see the baby yellow orchid
looks like a jagung rite? haha

this is the rafflesia..
world's largest flower!!!
but this is not the actual size if not i will b like thumbelina..
this is jus a man made one.. =P

i cant wait to share with all of u the beauty of mount kinabalu in my next post..dun forget to spot the 'deer ears'..haha..

-thanks faithful listener-

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