Sunday, September 25, 2011

~day trip to manukan island~

today is the day i am most excited in the whole 5 days of my vacation in sabah...i went for an island trip!!! woohoo!!! remember the 'sarong' i bought during my 2nd day in sabah? for sure i wore it!!! weeee~!

around 8am..we arrived at the jetty..i was quite worried because the tide was high and the waves were rough..and i get seasick very quickly..urgh!!! =( so made all the arrangements at the jetty..its about 30 ringgit to get from jesselton jetty to manukan island..this includes the boat ride and also the tax..its a must to pay!! oh ya..this price is only for malaysian..not quite sure for tourist..sorry!

this is me at the jetty! hehe...

a closer view of my sarong..haha..nice?? =P

the guy at the counter managed to convince me to try out their new water sport..since i never did it b4..i gave it a GO! wooohooo! =) its RM70 per person...very worth it for the get adventure..

this is the new banana boat =P

ahhhhh!!! i was practically holding on to my life! haha
its like flying up down left rite!! gosh!

after about 30 minutes of ride..on a speed boat ya..not fly fish..haha..i finally arrived at manukan!!! weee~!! the water was not very clear..due to the terrible waves..but at the other end where we snorkelled was very clear!! =) so if ur planning to go..find the rite spot! =P

manukan island!!
please mind my hair..hehe..thats due to the crazy fly fish ride! =P

after putting all my sun block..
its time to say hi to the fishes of the deep blue sea!
i was really excited seeing all the fishes nearby! =)

a very happy me! =D

after 2 hours of swimming, building sand castles =P, was time to eat our snacks..wash up and go home!!! =( saying goodbye to such a nice crystal clear island was sad!! but i will come back..hehehe....

bye manukan!!!
see u again........

i totally fell asleep wen i came back to the hotel....zzzzzzzz! hehehe...after i am totally was time to walk around n look for seafood!!! ooooo....yummy!!!

seafood corner at waterfront..
u name it..they got it!!
the seafood are all rest assured about freshness!
any fresher..u need to eat it raw..haha =P

this coconut puding is something new to me!!
yummy yummy!!!
if u are a coconut lover..u must try this!!!
100% u will love it!!! sluuurrp!

my next post will b my goodbyes to sabah...awwww...stay tune!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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