Wednesday, March 2, 2011


after being really stressful for months..since career fair was dear and i took the opportunity for a short getaway and also to celebrate our valentine's since we could not celebrate on the exact date cause of many reasons...

HAT we come!!!!!!!

our bags are packed!!
where's our jet?? hehe

early on a saturday morning..i really mean early..7.30am!! we left to ktm kl sentral from serdang..we reached there around 8.45 and we rushed for the 9am skybus..its actually RM9 a trip..but wen u book it with air asia u save 2 ringgit! yay~!

we were early for our flight..
so we had lunch at marry brown..
i tried their mushroom sauce chicken..not bad =)

it was time to board the plane..
AK 770..should b 007..den james bond plane..haha

after an hour..i reached Hat Yai!

the flight was a little rough for me..dizzy!! =( but lucky dear was around..he massaged my head..loves! once we arrived..we needed a taxi to get to our hotel..dun really know the price..the counter charged us 300 baht..equivalent to RM30..but we decided to find a driver Mr. Suphakon appeared..haha..he charged us 600 baht to drive us around the whole day..good deal!

 our 1st sentence learnt
"Nong nong! Quick quick!"
thanks imigration..haha

i spotted this on my way to the hotel..
im wondering how their technician detect short circuits!!
we stayed at Novotel Centara..nice!

our 1st stop was at the ice dome..

all ready to enjoy.. =)
wanna know whats here

our next stop is the Klong Hae floating market!!

we had to take n pay for our food from a basket..
the aunty's hand is not long enuf..haha!

see the many stalls..
i ate kerabu, otak-otak, lok-lok, coconut water, thai ice cream!!

the next morning..we had breakfast at our hotel..they had malaysian food as well..roti canai n roti bom was nice! =) den it was time for some pasar pagi shopping...

tut tut!!! only 20 baht per huh?
where can u find 2 ringgit ride in malaysia??

after walking in the market..
buying maggi tomyam n tomyam paste..
saw the 90's bottle drink? ahhh..
thai is back dated ah? haha

den it was time for a hair wash..
besides reflexology..they are famous for this! =)

another cute thing in thailand..haha
turn right with care!
ur own life..haha =P

finally it was time to go home to malaysia..huhu..
back to reality and busyness =(

altho its sad to leave Hat Yai..
i dun wanna b bang down by a train!! haha =P

nice thai sunset on the way back....



-thanks faithful listener-

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