Monday, March 7, 2011

my girls!!!

after many many times of planning for a meet finally came tru last saturday!!! ahhhh....i was so excited..we decided to meet up at the curve at 8pm..

we had dinner at the Gardens

i had my appetizer..wild mushroom soup..

this is the sexay one, moli..
pretty rite? =)

this is the crazy one..izrin..

look what izrin made moli do...haha

i had to do it as well!!! gosh!

we chit chat and talked about everything that has happened when we were not together..lots of high school memories and laughter about our silliness back! den it was time for more pictures...

love this picture of us...sweet~!

it was really hard to get this good shot..
it was either moli's eyes were closed..
or izrin's position was bad..haih~!!!

pretty buddies.. =)

cute buddies..hehe =)

after being silly in the restaurant for some time..we got shy cause wenever we took pictures..the waiters and waitresses will stare at us..huhu..pity their young cameras at that time?? haha =P so we decided to leave to a different papa is rich..paparich..

she must b sleepy already since its midnite..
no more craziness

ever smiling cause she had her fav coffee!!

this ice chocolate with ice cream was yummy!!!

im so glad we managed to meet up...we only had 4 hours..but it was great catching up with each other's stories..the laughter n jokes we had were really stress relieving...thats was frens are for rite?? =) cant wait for a next meet up!!

my besties...*love*

-thanks faithful listener-

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