Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my final year project!!

i am sooooo happy that i managed to pull through the oral software and hardware is working!!!! thank God! my oral presentation was at 2.30 n all was working only at 12.30..can u imagine??? im so lucky to haf a great supervisor..thanks sir! =) cant believe that my work is worth joining a competition..i was jus working on finishing it..n my examiner was impressed!! happy! =)

this is the 1st part..
PIC number 1

this is PIC number 2...

the difficult to program key pad!

usb programmer..
thanks to this all the downloading was made easy!

mr modem...
sms-ing was made possible by it.. =)

some of u mite b really confused with wat im talking project actually detects heart rate n sends n sms wen the heart rate exceeds the safe zone..stil dun understand?? haha..view the video for more understanding!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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