Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Hat Yai

i welcomed christmas in Hat Yai...weee~! i had lots of fun..but one thing i dun really like being away from malaysia is the charges for calls and smses!! urgh!!! but otherwise..its amazing! and oh ya..u feel richer in Hat Yai..haha..1000 baht is only approx 10 ringgit =)

this is my lunch..yummy sizzler!

after lunch..i had sum fun at hatyai ice dome..its an event at a park where the place is only -15C and there were so many ice sculptures everywhere! i really wish to come back here with 

at the municipality park

this board is ice!! pure ice!

ice pillars of an arch

an icy roman church


mr polar bear..cold!!

hello klcc!!

after visiting a few tourist spots and also the shopping was time to check out their delicacies..nyum nyum!

these sotong bakar is yummy...n they are hand rolled!

these kuih kuih is really sweet..very unique!

i was very lucky to b able to join their national countdown..they had it early..the speeches was kinda boring cause they are all speaking thai..gosh! but i enjoyed their performances..especially their long finger those thai king rice advertisement..haha

the thai ambassadors on stage!

and back to the main reason i came to hatyai..hehe..for CHRISTMAS!!!! i celebrated it at novotel..they had carol singers and a orchestra..nice! but more important was the turkey, salmon and christmas log cake!! nyum nyum! and i love the lucky draw..cause i wont 1st prize....i get a free stay back in their hotel and also air asia points!!! thank u santa!!!!!!!!!!! =) proof that i have been a good girl..hehe


-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. merry christmas!!! hope you and family had a blessed one...and have a good 2011