Thursday, March 24, 2011

robin hood!

haha...dun worry robin hood is not here..but i am!! valerie hood..haha... =P i wanted to go for hot air balloon rides in putrajaya..but..the tickets were all sold out!! oh dear.. =( n it was drizzling as well..the rides got cancelled i decided to walk around the stalls..many things were sold..but very muddy...eewwww!

den i spotted an archery booth..ahhh! i never played archery before..hmmm...give it a try!! RM8 for 12 arrows...good deal! needed to put on a hand gear..on my left arm and right fingers..




yay!!!! my arrow is on the board.. =)
haha...something im proud off..cause..
1) it din go straight to the ground
2) it stuck on the board at least
3) altho its not bull's eye..i stil got some points..hehe

hopefully hot air balloon next year! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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