Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i jus cant believe it thats its my turn to say goodbye.. =( haih..wen u grow close among a group of people..u tend to make them ur family..techflow has been my 2nd family..a place i know im welcomed and filled with love and care..

its been 5 years bonding with this awesome bunch of frens..having fun during meetings, christmas nite, carolling and camps!! i am so happy to have served this group =) being part of the committee makes me love this family more..they help me grow spiritually and physically..haha..all the mamak and jalan-jalan cari makan activities!!

she has a great fren of mine..
the 1st close frenship i had in uniten..
*keep in touch girl!*

this year was the biggest group saying goodbye..*sobs* it was really sad to stand there and haf the rest come n shake our hands and bid goodbye.. =( the tears were hard to hold back...so much memories in this family..gonna miss this part of my uni life!!! dear juniors..dun forget us, ur crazy seniors!! haha =P

the crazy side of us...

look how much we haf bonded.. =)


a special thanks to the committee for preparing us a handmade gift!!..its awesome =) as i opened it..i read a note from mr mike..n tears jus rolled!! im gonna miss the papa of techflow..he has always been there for us..n i haf always been bugging him especially wen im in the committee.. =P

thanks david and all the fes team!!

it may look like a simple book with my name on it..
but.......look closer!!!

thats my name..valerie!

if u turn the book up side down..it stil says valerie!!
amazing fonts!! =)

i din manage to say something short n sweet on that day because i was too emotional..im jus not used to saying goodbye this way =(

to all my juniors..here is where u shud invest..this family will never put u down..it only lifts u up with love, joy n care! for all who have been part of my life whether huge or small..thanks so much for blessing me..ur presence in my uni life has made memories..sweet sweet ones! to all leaving like me..thanks so much for ur frenship! im glad to haf crossed paths with u..the fun we had will always be remembered..where ever our lives may lead us..please keep in touch ok?? will b always thinking of u......hugssss!

big big hugs guys!!!!!!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

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