Thursday, March 31, 2011


i was really party time once my exams are over..haha..yati n i decided to go for shopping...window shopping i mean =P once we got in the car..KLCC was what we agreed on..can u believe it?? ahhhh...."budak uniten kan kaye?" hahaha..we always get that..i dunno what kind of stereotype is that..hehe..

so wen we reached there...i checked out harrods!! yummy macaroons....6 for RM15..there were 6 flavours..chocolate, coffee, orange, strawberry, blueberry and passion fruit...looks really nice!

saw those macaroons? my cravings...

yati n mr harrods..hehe

after that it was a lot n a lot of mr harrods..oh ya..let me tell u about a movie which was kinda boring..."dalam botol"..gosh!! its jus about a gay who did an operation to be a woman...kinda no relation with its we did more window shopping!!!!!! den we got stuck in the jam on our way home..hehe...

**********************PART TWO*********************

wen i got home..i decided to follow dear to the movies too!! he won "the ward" tickets last week from! our favorite radio station... =) 

hello to mr harrods again! =)

we bought a few flavours..i love chocolate the most!

its movie time!

this movie was awesome!! the story line is one of a kind..very unpredictable..the 'ghost' was not very scary but the story line worked it way tru..i would watch it again!!! good job to the directors n script writers..*awesome job*..this movie is not very famous..i dunno y..but it got me!!

we decided to have late late dinner @ 10pm!
chillis here we come..
its our 1st try!

ate our macaroons while waiting..nyum nyum!

trio fajitos @ RM40.90
this is yummy!!! the sauce is kinda spicy too!

nachos with sauteed beef and cheese @ RM22.80!!
i like it too..but i cant eat much..too cheesy i guess..

look at the amount we had for "dinper = dinner + supper"

that was not all!!
we had dessert, molten choc lava @ RM19.90!!
best of the day!!!
the choc melts in ur mouth..ahhh!


specially to nissa and aisyah, my two besties...
ALL THE BEST tomorrow!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. sedap kee macaroons kaler lain?? takpenah try. hahaha. slalu beli yg choclate jeeew. ;p

  2. o0o0o...kat ctu korang ronggeng enh ;p..thanx!!
    btw,molten choc lava is the best!! <3