Friday, March 25, 2011

moshi moshi...

a little continuation from the previous archery post...after having a great outing..the day ended with awesome japanese dinner at genji in hilton, pj...*nyum*

i got RM 100 voucher..thanks!

the dining area was beautiful..very traditional...

see the buffet area..very very nice ambience!

my favorite! salmon sashimi...

took lots of it..haha =P

i tried japanese pizza as well..not my taste.. =/

tempura!!! ahhh..very nice..crispy!

unagi...very soft n tender!!

tempanyaki beef n squid...

good job chefs!! =)

lastly my desserts!


i had a joyous time eating all the salmon i want!! hehe

buffet time: saturday (6pm and 8pm)
      sunday (12noon)
                price: saturday (RM 89++ and RM 99++)
sunday (RM 89++)


-thanks faithful listener-

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