Sunday, March 27, 2011

Right earrings for your face

nice earrings huh?

ever seen a celebrity wearing an awesome earring..BUT..wen u put in on...its not that awesome after all????! im here to help u choose the right earrings according to ur face shape!! =) if u do not know ur face shape..find out here..once u know ur face shape..find out the best earrings for u! =)


long, narrow earrings have make ur face look longer than wider

hoops earrings are NO NO!!!
they make ur face look wider...


earrings that start thin and gets wider is best!!
teardrop is excellent...!


u need dangling earrings...
shoulders dusters is perfect!!!
it compliments square jaw lines =)


the bigger the hoops..the better!!!

big chunky studs are awesome as well!!!

simple studs will do perfect as well.. =)

dangling earrings is a NO NO!!
ur face will look even longer then... =(

the best face to have!! haha
im lucky to be in this category... =)

quick try n find out what earrings suits u...
have fun!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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