Saturday, March 26, 2011


i was offered a job last wen i took my offer letter..i was asked to go tru a medical check up as well..scary!! i was worried i wouldnt pass..who knows rite? internal organ stuff... =P

i was given a long list was test that i was asked to go tru...

1) physical test - eye, height, weight, colour blind, coordination
2) urine test
3) blood pressure
4) ECG (i hate this the most!! dun ask y..hehe)
5) X-ray

thanks to yati for accompanying me tru out the whole took us almost 90 minutes..lucky i did it in a private clinic..if not it would haf took me a few hours!! gosh!! =/

my ECG report..perfectly fine..phew!
shud haf got this a lil earlier..
can use it for my project.. =P

my x-ray...
looking out my window tru my rib cage..haha =P

for those wondering (since many of my mates will need this b4 working)..i will post the total package here..

Venue: Al-Zaharah Hospital, Bangi
Test: all the above
Price: RM91
Time: for 2 hours (take report on the spot)
im a step closer to my company!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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