Friday, January 14, 2011

yati is getting older!!!

its my bestie's big day!!! she is gonna b a year older!! hahahaha...can call her kak yati d! =P

look at how silly we can be..
thats what frens are for rite? =P

the B.S.M.F!!!!
we celebrated it at nasi arab putrajaya...

nasi arab with grilled chicken, RM15

nasi arab with lamb, RM15

chicken kebab roll, RM6

and there is sirap bandoo as well..haha.. =P
that was how arab's call it i guess..hehe

while we were eating, the bf came with the cake..

there goes her 22!! its time for the 2 and 3!!

all those who were that celebrating in the arab style..haha

the after nite!!
"hantu kak limah balik rumah"
oh no!! silly jokes are not my type..i slept!! haha

yati, i hope u had fun!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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